Top 10 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for 2020

In the past decade, we witnessed a vigorous change in the marketing strategies of E-commerce business.  A tremendous growth is seen in the e-commerce field accounting for more than $3.5 trillion sales all over the world.

Why is it important to have an e-commerce strategy?

It is highly important to take an extra mile and keep us updated to stand out in the huge crowd of e-commerce marketing companies. 

In order to fulfill all the E-commerce strategies, we have to be updated with the perfect strategy that will be trending even in 2020.

To implement the right strategy to your business, first you have to understand your business and likewise your audience. By choosing the right audience and the right marketing strategy, rest of the everything fell into place. 

Here, I have profound a compilation of the 10 e-commerce marketing strategies which has provided some fruitful results to render our E-commerce services. 

Let’s get started!


1. Optimize your site for seo & Get Targeted Traffic

Can you just make a rough count on how many blogs or posts updated on Facebook every day? As per a study, there are 24 blogs posted every second. 

It is certainly a tough job to stand out to be unique and best in the bunch of posts uploaded. 

Here, comes the most commonly used word, “SEO”. SEO is nothing but the process of optimizing your online content or brand to rank your website top on the search results. 

Search engine optimization is the booming marketing strategies that give an end result of ranking your website on the top of the Google searches. 

As per the wordstream, here is the proven result on to increase the traffic result in 24 months. 

2. Content Marketing

We all have come across the famous quote, “CONTENT IS KING”. Using the content marketing, you will have the chance to demonstrate and explain what your product with pretty attractive written, visual and media formats. Before you go for a content marketing, you have to decide your target audience and strength of the audiences. Many e-commerce businesses have seen an immense growth in the traffic sales with the content marketing tactics. 

Brafton has witnessed a traffic tripled within the past 6 months.


3. Email marketing - Automate your Selling System

E-mail marketing plan or strategy is considered to be the roadmaps to achieve a long-term business relationship with your customers. With this technique, you can communicate with your clients either a time-based promotions or Non-promotional emails.

Hammock has managed to increase their open rates by 48% for B2B companies with this email marketing.  


4. Influencer marketing

Have you ever bought something just because the people you admire or follow have used the same product?  Yes, many of us have done that. This is a tactic used by any business or brand which in turn referred as “Influencer Marketing”.

As per the survey, almost 49% of the consumers depend totally on Influencer marketing than any other source for their purchases.


5. Voice search optimization

In the past two years, voice search optimization strategy has become a predominant concept in the field of e-commerce marketing tactics. 

This whole idea helps a lot of people to save their time and hence the voice search optimization has been predicted to be one of the most promising ecommerce strategies. 

Top companies like Amazon, have incorporated Voice search inputs as one of the search options. In 2017, Pew Research center has stated that, nearly half of the Americans use voice assistants mostly on their smart phones. 


6. Reviews

How would you decide the quality of a product or its reputation through an online purchase? Just simple. By looking at the reviews posted by the previous customers who purchased it. A review has a huge impact on converting the visitor into a potential customer. 

With this recent study, it seems that 30% of the online shoppers believe the quality of the brand through the reviews. 


7. Cross sell & up sell

Cross sell and up sell techniques are followed by an e-commerce company to yield more revenue from an existing customer & the Average selling price.. 

Cross-selling is the method of selling a complement or supplement when customer purchasing a primary product. And up selling is offering another product that is expensive than the current one. 

As per the report by Amazon, nearly 35% of their overall revenue has been contributed by the cross sell and upsell. 


8. Affiliate Marketing

The technique of using other brands or products or blogs to promote your own business on their sites is referred as Affiliate marketing. Through affiliate program, you can increase the scale and distribution to a certain level. 


As per this study, nearly 80% of the ecommerce marketers have witnessed success with the affiliate marketing. 


9. Facebook Ads

If you are running an e-commerce company, you should be mastered in the getting potential customers through gaining insights. Let me post a question. Are you aware of the number of ecommerce websites that is available in the market now? Definitely a big no!

Through Facebook ads, you can attract a wide range of audiences all over the world irrespective of the gender, age, location etc., 

Here, you can check out the real time example on getting $18,700 revenue at a 659% ROI by running Facebook ads.

We used the Facebook different type of audiences to boost the e-commerce sales. Here is the guide to Facebook Targeting Audience which helped us to get INR 346,641 by spending INR 6,464.

If you are looking for an agency to grow your business with Facebook ads, Please checkout our Facebook Marketing Service.

10. Google Ads

Google ads stand out to be on the top of the search results which make the jobs of the online searchers pretty much easier.

It grabs the attention of the shoppers which in turn results in the Google optimization where the buyers find it easier to click on the product page.

Here is the proven result on how the Google ads has increased the ROAS by 76% 



The effective way to find out the perfect e-commerce strategy which is a perfect suit for your business is to just test and implement. 

Try the above discussed e-commerce strategies which will work even in 2020 and set your business ahead of the previous years. 


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