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How to Use Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business After Covid-19

Things have turned upside down ever since the first pandemic case was reported. The awkward crisis isn’t just confined to a normal lifestyle, but it has also swept away a lot of businesses of their basic lives. As many as millions of contemporary businesses or traditional businesses have lost their pace with the Covid-19 ruling the streets now. Now this has further fortified the basic needs of having a proper digital marketing for any business ventures. Well there are certain ways on how to use digital marketing to grow your business after covid-19 as you won’t be left with much time for a trial and error session this time around.

Re-targeting Audience

Re-Targeting Audience - Nautica Surven Technologies
Re-Targeting Audience

Trust me when I say this, there are lots of people out there pinning high hopes and money on audience retargeting. As reaching out to a newer audience is less likely to bring in revenue as you don’t have much option or time left to create a new connection with them post when the outbreak is over.

So analyze your existing audience and retarget them through social media or email marketing to keep getting a potential conversion for your business. 

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing - Nautica Surven Technologies
Influencer Marketing

Perhaps one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website, brand awareness and double up your ROI. Influencer marketing is quite the rage these days with many people being glued to their favourite Youtube star or Instagram handles, all you gotta do is to talk them into advertise your product in return of giving them your product as compliment or you pay them that’s technically half of what you pay for big promotional activities.

Infact Influencer marketing has proven to have brought in huge numbers to a business. It helps you to increase your social following, just like the way Nike does it with Cristiano Ronaldo, as his one post with a sneaker would bring them in a huge sales lead than we can possibly imagine.

Influencer Marketing Examples - Nautica Surven Technologies
Influencer Marketing Example

While choosing your influencer, be really cautious of who you are signing up with, because a profile with a million followers with forgettable likes on their post will fetch you no result. It means their followers are not active. Find a one where there’s constant interaction happening between two ends. After all it’s not the product but their talking that drives the sales.

Paid ads

Paid ads - Nautica Surven Technologies
Paid ads

Paid advertising is anything that you pay for the owner of a space or page to incorporate your ad hoardings. This is a very crucial step towards pulling in new set of audience for your business, since your new set of audience are scattered across various platforms, its highly advisable if you go ‘fishing” to find new people that might be interested in your products.

Although it’s a bit on the expensive side while pitted up against your own marketing or advertising, it sure rakes in huge numbers if done right or chosen the right platform for that matter.

The different types of ads are PPC, PPI and Display ads. Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads can be your go to destinations if you are toying around with paid advertising idea.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing - Nautica Surven Technologies
Video Marketing

Video marketing is quite the fad these days with almost every big and smaller businesses resorting to videos to keep the audience engaged. As a matter of fact it is the videos that take much of the attention than a normal image or posts in Facebook.

But the idea is how creative you can get with it. A longer video can disrupt the viewer’s interest while a shorter one can’t buy you enough time to create an impact. Find the perfect balance that doesn’t take all day but still manages to create brand awareness. Spend in some extra bucks and go creative and free and keep the audience intrigued.

Digital marketing is the future of business. And those who did not adapt are struggling to get a good grip during pandemic outbreaks like this. Just to be on the safer side, keep yourself updated with every new technical update rolling out from the digital world. Keep evolving, pay close attention to your competitors and make sure you learn to get used to social media marketing. Watch this space for more!

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