How To Make Your Video Go Viral With Less Followers?


There are many businesses who grow their Facebook followers with viral videos. 

Do you really want to be one of them? 

In fact, I have made my first video go viral when I  had less than 2000 followers. The video got more than 3 million reach, 66.7K engagement & 8,00,000 views. Here is the video insight.

This was the first viral video, last year. I was very excited andI was  refreshing the post every second in the midnight to see the engagement grow.

I penned down the list of things I did that helped me reach more people through video. Whatever I tried, I did the same with my other page too, Wowcoimbatore.

By using that, I have grown Facebook followers to around 75,000 by spending less than Rs. 10,000 on ads & promotion. Here are Page insight:

Do you want to make your videos go viral & grow your Facebook followers like me?

In this article, I talk about the things that I used to make my viral videos & increase the Facebook page fans.

Let’s get started

You may have heard that Facebook reach is going down day by day. It is difficult to grow followers without spending money on Facebook.

If you try to bring people outside of Facebook, your reach will decrease. If you make people stay on Facebook, your reach will increase.

I used a 24 hours strategy to make the video viral on Facebook. Let me describe in detail below:

Did you know?

Most of the business pages grew followers with viral videos.

What is a 24 hour strategy?

Viral Video

Within 24 hours of publishing a video, you should aim to get 5 or 10X the engagement for the video than the normal engagement.

When more people are engaging with your video suddenly, the Facebook Algorithm gets the excitement about the video. Then Facebook will try to reach new relevant people.

If new people are engaged with your video, then your video will go viral that means facebook Marketing will reach the people until people respond to the video.

What is it with getting the Facebook algorithm excited?

The first baby step you take towards getting your video viral is getting Facebook to pay attention to your video. This is when the 24 hours strategy comes in real handy, you make most of the first day of posting a video by getting more people to engage with your content. You do that by making them like, comment and share your video as much as possible.

This sudden interaction or engagement will alert the Facebook algorithm of the unusual activity that’s doing the round. Now this will prompt the algorithm to share the videos to many individual users as much as possible.

This is why you get suggested and sponsored videos while scrolling news feed or checking stories, the videos are usually fresh and interesting.

 Take for example the usual videos you post get 300 to 500 likes generally, and when you intend to get your video go viral and get the engagement ratio more, let’s say 1k likes, then this grabs the instant attention of Facebook. The algorithm and system now pushes forward and takes your video to relevant people, making it reach a maximum number of people in a day.

You may get 1 million or 3 million views. It will be based on the user engagement. 

Is there anything more than a 24 hours strategy to make a viral video?

Yes, I would say

  • Content
  • Initial Promotion to get engagement

What kind of content to choose for the video?

Would you rather watch a boring movie on television for free or buy a subscription pack to watch your favourite movie? If you chose the latter, you are on the right page of the book. A damped dull content no matter how hard you push would never spark a reaction from the audience.

Human emotion is the key factor in deciding the viral quotient of a video. As human faces have proved to rake in a better number of clicks than normal video.

Though it differs based on the industry, a new video will always have the potential to go viral if the promotion is done right.

  • A content which creates emotion
  • A topic which people are talking about 
  • Something new to the people
  • A thing that’s commonly loved by people

Always go for a content that strikes an emotional quotient with the viewers, the stronger the emotion, the better the engagement. 

The topics and talks change every day or every week, keep a close watch on the current talk and drop a video relevant to that, uploading a video related to a once trending talks back months will no way help you in making your video go viral.

In my case, Wow coimbatore is a kind of travelogue page where we will be posting about awesome places around coimbatore.

So to find awesome/engaging content, we roamed around the instagram users profile & got the videos with their permission to post it on our page.

If you take a look at our page, we have more engaged users compared to competitors pages. 

Only the content makes the user engage with your page or brand.

Content is always the king at any format.

Bonus Tips: If you get regular positive feedback about the content, your track is correct. If not, you need to work on the content strategy.

So next time if you are wondering how a video went viral overnight, know that there is always the algorithm doing the work.

How to get maximum user engagement within 24 hours?

Once you publish the video use the following ways to get more engagement. When you use these methods, you can get more engagement If your content is more engage able.

Paid ads

So this is one of the strategies that I used personally to make my 1st video go viral. As soon as I Posted the video & created a paid ad to get video views through the paid ads. People have started to comment & share the videos. You can also do the same pads to get video view or engagement.

This not only raked in unbelievable views but also doubled up my followers count in 24 hours. 

Take a look at the video I posted years back with the same strategy. The flood scenes struck a chord with the audience pulse during that time.

Also, Take a look at my wow Coimbatore video that went viral.

This video recorded 135k reactions, and 3.6k comments.

If you pay attention to it, it ain’t any random video to make it viral, even if you start investing more on the paid ads, the creative contents always works. A dull and plain video would not taunt people to engage. This video about the waterfall streaming was an impeccable beautiful view to the eyes and struck a connection with the viewers.

This is why the video got so popular prompting people to like, comment and share the video with friends. 

Organic promotion

The 2nd strategy is to get more engagement through organic promotion. You can promote on following things:

  • Your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Related Facebook Pages

Reach appropriate Facebook pages & get your video shared on their page. Remember to promote it in the 24 hours time frame, anything later might dampen the engagement and wow factor in the algorithm.

 Start talking with Pages with similar audiences to promote your content in exchange for a price. The price normally wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket as it’s usually priced well between our expected terms.

You can even send them as a newsletter to drive the audience to your video page, this is also one common type of organic promotions.

Please note: Don’t share your post on groups just like that. Be active on related groups & engage with the group users and admins. Whenever you have an important post, then try to share on the groups. Otherwise they may ban you or your post will be marked as spam.

If you wish to know about Facebook ads, business and anything related to digital marketing, follow me for updates and business strategies.

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