Ecommerce Product Page Checklists
To Boost your conversions

Build An Optimized Product Page that sells

What’s inside my eBook

  • Introduction
  • Clear Image quality
  • Ratings, reviews & testimonials
  • Product specifications
  • Make the big four option stand out
  • CTA 
  • Offers
  • Product Urgency
  • FBT
  • Alternative products
  • Shipping details
  • Conclusion

Why do you need to download my eBook?

No matter how good your products are, when your product page is not optimized as it should be, there wouldn’t be any conversions. So to get customers get your product, you need to optimize your page accordingly.

First thing first, visitors do not buy the product on their first visit most of the time, so in order to make them stay, follow these simple checklist in my Ecommerce product page checklist to navigate your customers freely on your site to make the purchase seamlessly.