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ECommerce Marketing in 2020 – All you Need to Know

What is Ecommerce marketing?

So what exactly is Ecommerce marketing? In simpler words, anything that’s done to drive traffic or awareness to a business that sells its product in a digital platform is known as Ecommerce marketing. 

There are wide options to choose from for the marketers right from social media contents to email marketing, anything electronic sells here. Is it effective? Considering the ‘awe-struck- figures of the world’s total internet users of 4.66 billion, businesses have the best chance of meeting their customers online. 

Importance of Ecommerce marketing

It has become an integral part of the business world that has been evolving every minute today. A staggering report suggests that at present around half of the population prefers to get their products online.

There are so many important aspects associated with Ecommerce marketing that makes us hardly go out of its zone. Like the convenience, your customer is just a click away and doesn’t need a brick and mortar kind of set up to get one.

With more ecommerce businesses storming the platform, increased search engine visibility brings more consumers to the site. It also enables selling products across the world. For example, Take a look at Alibaba where you can get anything from home appliances, apparels to motorcycles shipped across the world to your door steps with proper license.

The idea is simple, an user friendly shopping experience, that brings the customers a step closer to the business owners. Online store also means lesser investment in infrastructure and insurance policies for the premises, that saves a hefty bucks on your pocket.

Optimising site before ecommerce marketing

Site optimization

Marketing does half the work needed to get your site to the top of the ‘go-to’ list of the consumer but what goes behind in making your site an optimum experience for the customers is what matters the most.

There are ways to get your site optimized for a better user friendly experience. Some of the important ways are

1.Analyze and audit

Site Audit

The first baby steps towards an optimum experience is to analyze your site for changes or areas of improvements that needs to be done. This is how you let your SEO team evaluate your content, backend SEO, site speed and more.

There are tools available online for regularly auditing your site for a better user experience. We have used a free tool like sitechecker to audit a popular site like hubspot here and the results were no surprise as well.

Example audit
Site audit example

You can look at your competitors site for additional information like site layout, key features for a better site aesthetic look.

2.Site Speed

It’s 2020 and no one wants to be in the queue waiting for their turn, so the key to success is to optimize the loading speed. Anything that takes forever to load is likely to end up on the back burner, so check your image size and quality, content and infographic designs and keep them under check for an optimum loading speed.

If sources are to be believed, audiences do not wait for more than 5 seconds for a site to be loaded. So if you want visitors to stop from exiting your site, make sure you have it optimized to load under 5 seconds.

There are multiple online tools available for free to test a site’s speed. Take a look at the speed audit test result of popular site Semrush, which takes around just 3.9s to load completely.

Site speed

Here we have used Gtmetrix to test audit the site speed. You can similarly check your site speed regularly to keep an eye on the site loading time.

3.Make updates

Site updates

Once the analyzing and auditing is down, you are now down to the board with exact places where improvements are needed. From as basic as changing contents to designing your funnel in a better way.

Now let’s take a detailed look into the types of Ecommerce marketing that’s sure to bring in the necessary traffic and result to your site.

Ecommerce Marketing

Optimize your site to be visible on Search Engines:

Do you want to get free traffic to the product page? Optimizing your product page is the best way to get that.

To give you a better understanding, in simpler terms, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a collective hold of any practices intended to bring in more traffic to your site through organic search results.

Optimize your product page with keywords & other factors. it will help you to get good ranks in search engines. Take a look this product page for a better understanding of what an optimized page in SEO standards looks like

Since this is an ecommerce page for a shopping website that predominantly focuses on selling clothing lines, they have used a clear quality image content of a model wearing the product line in a multiple view slider frame, allowing audiences to view the cloth in different angles for a better perspective.

Keyword has been used rightly in the title section.

They have given a brief and small insight about the product through a unique description. That’s another good point to be on the good books of SEO standards.

Product page

The only let down here seems to be the lazy overview of the product description that could have had a better detailed breakdown of the product description for an optimum user experience.

Also, Optimizing the product page helps to increase conversion rate. Always, communicate the important things that people are looking for like Free shipping.

Product page optimization

Did you know? If you add video to product page, you will be able to increase revenue 25-100%

Email marketing

Email marketing is truly the oldest form of ecommerce marketing the digital world has ever seen. Just because it is primarily belonging to the old school, we can’t rub it off from its prominence in the digital marketing world.

Email marketing is dead?

Many people say that email marketing is dead, but the truth is one of the best ways to get regular sales from users & customers. Also spending is less on Email Marketing compared to other paid ads.

After purchasing from a store, 20% of the people keep engaging with the brand emails and 2.56% of the people will visit your store.

Why do people love email marketing? Simply for the fact that it’s user friendly and automated, in fact there are a handful of tools available online that you can rent or buy for email automation marketing. One click and it does the job for you, all you gotta do is to set the template, content and recipient lists.

Email marketing is a great tool to generate regular sales from the same people. Some of the common Email marketing mails are:

Welcome mail:

The first mail you send from the sources of your brands are welcome mail. A simple appreciation or welcome mail to new customers or leads that gives an overview about your brand. A great way indeed to build a strong customer connection.Also it helps make their 1st purchase. 

Here is an example welcome mail & offer for people who registered newly:

Welcome mail template

Follow up mail

A follow up mail can be sent right after a purchase to make sure they liked your product. This is sent in an intention to keep the engagement going and up in full swing with your prospects which will ensure great purchases in the future.

Here is a sample email from apple that does the job neatly.

Follow up mail content

Abandoned mail

Acknowledging that their order is left hanging in the cliffhanger, indeed a report suggests that abandoned cart users always need a gentle nudge to make their transaction complete. 

According to some reports, ecommerce sites have an abandoned cart rate of 15%

The best way to achieve that is through the abandoned mails.  Keep it simple and precise to the point with a clear cut CTA.

Here is a sample abandoned cart mail:

Abandoned cart

If you are having a store on shopify, you no need use a third party email marketing platform like Klaviyo because they have abandoned cart checkout features. Once we set up, they will get mail from shopify itself.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the latest fad among the new era of digital marketing. A lot of A-list brands have resorted to influencer marketing to get their product to the masses. The most common platform for influencer marketing is through Instagram but it can also carry the services to platforms like Youtube or Facebook or Twitter.

According to a recent survey from Mediakix, a whopping 89% of people still think influencer marketing is better when compared to other channels, thanks to the teens storming the isntagram scenes off lately.

Influencer marketing

Influencers have a better chance of converting their followers to prospects as they have built a better community of trust and love and therefore all they have to do is to advertise the products to their followers in a likeable manner.

Social media marketing

Social Media marketing

With  no surprise, social media marketing has carved a rather important niche for itself on the list. Not just the smalls scale industries, even top players in the game have been resorting to social media platforms lately for brand promotions, advertisements, engagements and new product launches.

Instagram Marketing

Of all the platforms, Instagram is a great platform in taking your product to a larger audience as the scope for photography and active followers helps in keeping the engagement going for your brand.

In fact, 68% of people who regularly engage with brands on instagram. Also 58 times higher engagement on instagram compared to Facebook. 

In Instagram, You will be able to reach 100% of your followers organically. Kevin Systrom, Instagram co-founder and CEO said that when people log in, they see the best 30% of their content. 

So create high quality content to reach all followers & keep getting engagements from your customer/users. This is the best way to grow faster through Organic.

On instagram, you can set up the shop & tag the products on the instagram post.

Instagram marketing
example instagram marketing

 But shop features are available in some countries. 

With new updates, it enables your contents to be showcased as shoppable contents which is a great and easy way for users to shop the product they liked right away with the buy now option, just a click away. This is ideal for brands selling customers, apparels. 

If you don’t have time to create more content, you can start running instagram ads. By running Instagram ads for more than 4 years, We found that feeds & stories placements are converting more people compared to other placements on instagram. So you try above to placements to get higher conversion rates.

Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing

The largest used platform for marketing digitally which has been revolutionizing the digital marketing industry since decades. There are roughly around 70 million businesses that have joined the largest social media platform and the odds of this numbers shooting up are sky high.

Start by creating a facebook page for your brand which is actually easier done than said.  Add the detailed photo about your brand, name, cover picture and a proper CTA that defines your page.

One of the obvious problems in Facebook is not being able to reach all your audience organic because brands on facebook are getting 6-10% reach of their followers. Some posts only get higher engagement based on the user engagement with the post.

I don’t want you to leave the platform because of the low reach, I would suggest you to be active to get followers & show social proof. Then start focusing on Facebook Ads to get more sales for your online store.

Facebook has 1.73 billion active users daily. Also Facebook ad cost per click is lower than Google ads

The one thing that defines your page’s legitimacy is determined by the verification. Get your page verified. There are 2 types of verification badge, blue and grey. Blue badge for public figure, media company and grey tick for business pages. 

Blue verification page

Youtube marketing

The pandemic has seen the birth of new youtube users and vloggers with almost a sudden spike in the total number of youtube users and vloggers which is a great chance for small business owners who can sell their product through youtube advertising or influencer marketing

According to reports from Think with Google, Youtube delivered better ROI for retailers for every pound spent. The ROI is arguably much better than TV and video-on-demand combined. YouTube returned £6.60 in revenue for every pound invested in ads compared with £6.20 for TV plus Video-On-Demand. 

youtube marketing case study

Youtube has well over 1.250,000 active users and gets comfortably over 30 million visitors every day. And the most interesting data however is the fact that people watch 3.5 billion hours of videos a month on average and more than 1 billion hours of video each day.

According to FortuneLord’s case study, the audience demographics is as follows:

  • 11% of YouTube’s audience is 18-24
  • 23% are ages 25-34
  • 26% are 35-44
  • 16% are 45-54
  • 8% are 50-64
  • 3% are 65+
  • 14% are undetermined

The average video session on Youtube hovers around 40 minutes and the average age group lies between 18-49 which gives us a huge opportunity to show them what we have to offer.

Tools for social media marketing

There are tonnes of tools available online for social media marketing with each serving different purposes but the common one being the fact that it needs to be user friendly for brand owners,

These tools help you organize your workflow from publishing contents to scheduling the audit, these tools come in real handy and also ensures we save plenty of time.

According to Buffer, a popular social media tool platform, there are top suggested social media tools for social media management. Some of the most popular tools are 

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social

These are the widely used social media tools for better management and timely services.

Content Marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is getting your product to its audience through blogs, articles to spike their interests in what you are selling. Contents have long been in use to drive more traffic to a website through blogs, but you also need them even if you are selling a product online.

Guest posts

Guest post

Guest posts can get your product to their relevant audience in no time. Getting your guest posts to be submitted allows you to gain more domain authority for ecommerce sites that lets search engines know that your site is reliable and efficient.

Take a look at how to pitch a proposal for a guest posting requisition with a reputed site.

Pitch for guest posting

First things first, go on a trip to find sites that match your keyword for your product. Then submit your content or in best case scenario they already have a great content that you need to retouch it to be the best, like expanding the context a bit or by adding relevant videos or images to the already existing context.

Write blog post regularly

You can bring free traffic by writing a blog & Optimizing to get higher ranking on google.

If you are an ecommerce brand, then writing blog posts can be of a great quality especially if you are selling clothes, shoes or any other parallels. 

For example, if you are an online store selling sneakers, then a blog post on ‘top 10 sneakers for 2020’ can help you plant a sure foot while bringing the ranking into equation and also helps in audience spending more time on your site.

In the blog post, promote your products. Here is an example: 

example blog post

Affiliate Marketing

Affliate marketing

There are many affiliate platforms available. You have to keep your products there, once the platform is approved, Affiliate marketers are able to promote your products.

Through this way, you can generate more revenue without your effort. You have to provide a high commission rate like 30% or 40%. Then only more people will come to promote your products.

They search for products they like, and then simply market the products to their products and circle and earn from it. 

Affiliate marketing is a great beneficial tactic for both ends to generate more traffic sales for the business end. Infact a lot of study has given out report that points out staggering numbers reflecting how effective Affiliate marketing is:

81% of brands and 84% of publishers leverage affiliate marketing

10.1 % increase in affiliate marketing spending every year in the United States.

In 2017, affiliate marketing of Jason Stone, known as millionaire mentor, has recorded a whopping 7 million in retailer sales in just 2 months.

In march 2017, Amazon changed its protocol and structure on its Affiliate fleet, allowing a 1-10% of product revenue for creators, thus increasing their source of income.

Importance of Affiliate Marketing

Effective use of ad budget, as it is a performance based marketing strategy the bucks spent on advertising campaigns does not burn a hole in the pocket.

Easy tracking, things such as click through rates, site views can be tracked easily

Without any doubt, it doubles up your SEO

It allows access to Foreign market

Best platforms to keep your products for Affiliate marketing

Some of the best recognized and suggested tools for affiliate marketing are:

  • ShareASale
  • CJ affiliates

Now, It’s time to finalize marketing efforts for your online store.

Because the above methods take more time & energy. If you are a small business or want to get sales asap, you need to get started with few methods.

It takes some time to get standard revenue until having the proper base for your brand. So Set up a goal & choose methods, then start executing everything. You will build a successful Ecommerce Business. And the process of growing your brand will eventually walk you through different learning phases of the technology world as well.

If you need any support to grow your ecommerce business, You can schedule 1 on 1 Free strategy call. We are specialized in ecommerce. Checkout our ecommerce marketing Services.

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