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Complete Guide: 2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing

Thanksgiving is around the corner in the United States, a splendid day before the Black Friday sale starts. The most iconic and profitable sale season of the year, Black Friday sales figures recorded an all time high during 2019 which stands at $7.4 billion, that’s roughly 2.9% higher than its previous year as per the reports suggested by optinmonster.

No matter what you’re selling, this is the most profitable season that you should cash in at this moment. It is the greatest way to Convert more customers because new people also look for new brands. Here are the 3 interesting facts that every ecommerce business owner should know

  1. Users research the products well in advance at least 2weeks before the Black Friday Sale.
  2. A Google research says 30% of users are trying new brands on Black Friday.
  3. In the last minute or after the holiday sale, users look for offers even after the Black Friday Sales end.

So you know there is a possibility to reach & grow your ecommerce brands. But planning, strategy, & execution makes your sale as profitable. Here you will find your ultimate guide for Black Friday sales to register a fruitful run for your ecommerce businesses.

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Black friday sale

Black Friday is right after the thanksgiving day that falls on 4th Thursday of November, which also typically marks the commencement of the most celebrated shopping season, the Christmas shopping spree. 

It is typically a 4 day shopping festive season that has caught the attention of the media ever since 2005. But 2011 saw something way too extreme when retail stores opened its doors at midnight with the excited crowd queuing up in thousands waiting. 

Do you know an astonishing 93.2 million buyers shopped online in 2019? And 37% of the 93.2 million actually tried out new brands over their ‘go-to’ brand. Well that’s the momentum you need to capitalize now.

2019 hit an all time record number of $7.4 billion through online sales. And roughly $2.9 billion worth sales were from mobile shoppers.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is more inclined towards the Online shoppers that fall on the first Monday after thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. In 2017, Cyber Monday sales jumped to an astonishing $6.59 billion figures when pitted against the $2.98 billion in the previous years.

Online retailer stores have come out in public claiming that cyber Monday has been the most profitable sales season for them the whole year.

Guide for planning for Black Friday Sales

To make the most of Black Friday sales and cyber Monday, ecommerce business owners have to plan well in advance on a specified personalized strategy that works for them so they can cash in on this noble season and record the highest numbers.

The common layout for a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday outing looks as follow:

1. Planning:

Plan well in advance, say the last two weeks of October by zeroing in on the final products, their regular price and their offer sales price that you are going to fix for the sales day.

Make sure you don’t make impulsive choices of offering discounts as they tend to eat your margin out. So plan it in advance or even better maintain a worksheet for the products to wish to put on the display for the sales day like:

  • Products
  • Regular price 
  • Black Friday sales price
  • Discount
  • Margin
  • Assess the number of  people we are going to reach & what will be the goal in reach & conversion. Analyze the previous holiday sale results before making sales estimation.
  • How to market them
  • When the campaign is going live
  • How many emails are going, what are they, & when they are going.

Quick Example:

Last year, I made 100 sales in 4 days & this month the avg sale per day is 25. If I am not running sales also I can reach last year’s sale. So This year, the target would be around 200 sales.

I know the target, now I need to decide how many people we have to reach to achieve the goal. My site conversion rate is 2%, then I should reach 10,000 people.

I should start early to reach 10k people, so I will start the promotion by 13th Nov. before the campaign live, I should complete offers, strategy, landing page, ads content & design, and more. 

Above example is my Idea to run Black Friday sale successfully. Values are just for assumption purposes only.

2. Optimize your store for better user experience

2.1 Website check:
Site optimizing

People are excited, it’s the wee hours and there are millions of sites offering a staggering 75% discount from their part. Now imagine your site crashing down or taking forever to load, that’s when the prospect loses their cool and migrates to your competitors.

Always remember, people do their research on your products, your offers and your competitors well in advance so one small disruption is all it takes for them to look elsewhere. So optimize your site speed for a smooth black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

This also includes checking the landing page SEO, layouts and designs. The theme is centered around festive season while the SEO can be optimized to suit the same keywords. Try to include more blogs, articles, testimonials and other interesting contents on your website that can also drive decent traffic.

2.2 Offers creating bonding
Black friday offer

Make sure your offers stand as a symbol of intimacy between your brand and customers like more personalized contents like ‘exclusively for you’ etc. There are enough examples about how some ecommerce businesses have seen great success including early access offers through email offers and VIP passes for Black Friday Sale.

2.3 Black Friday Sale banners
Black friday sale

Black Friday sale is all about a festive celebration so props to you if you are toying around with the idea of designing a landing page that sends out clear festive vibes. Placement of Black Friday sale banners at appropriate places help create a shopping vibe and excitement around the conners.

Place the best selling product’s banner along with the offers prominently on the site. There are Pre-Black Friday week banners that set out the tone of exhilaration prior to the mega day, the central theme here is focused around building suspense.

The Black Friday is run during the 3 or 4 days sales including one for Cyber Monday, make sure you have necessary banners for all the products, categories, sold out and what is up for a quick grab and also one that prominently revolves around the hours left to grab the offer.

2.4 Display FBT or related products
Black friday fbt sale

Black Friday is all about sold out products so ensure you have a list of linked products that are up-to-date with the trading week offer. Add specific sections to your product page like ‘Frequently bought together’ ‘you may also like’ ‘users bought also this’ ‘show related products’ ‘ show cart recommendation’ etc.

The idea here is to upsell any products with a subtle advertising that doesn’t go hard on the shopping experience. 

2.5 Optimize contents for early shoppers
Black friday early shopers

As mentioned many ecommerce giants resort to early access methods to get a headstart for the amazing weekend shopping. According to a survey by RetailMeNot, 60% of customers plan to start shopping early for the Black Friday sale.

This is because of the constant fear revolving around their favorite product going sold out on the Friday sale. Sites like Best Buy start their show much earlier than other biggies as they are aware that most people would have already started shopping or on the verge of completing their shopping session.

The other ways to create content for ealy shoppers and stay engaged with them is by gathering lead generations by letting them know that they will be the first to receive any updates on products or sale campaigns. 

2.6 Show reviews, ratings and social proofs
Product reviews

Even the exquisite Black Friday sales can’t stop people from looking at reviews before buying a product no matter what the offer is. 

According to consumerist, Around 70% of people check for product reviews before getting their hands on them just to ensure they are trustworthy. Adding social proofs can build that trust factor on your site pretty smoothly.

There are add on tools available online which after plug-ins allows users to look at the  number of purchases, number of stocks left, people who purchased and the place of last purchases. This can lift conversions up to 15%

2.7 Mobile friendly service
Black friday deals

Back in 2017 shopify witnessed for the first time when mobile users overtake desktop users and mobile purchases increased 12% during black Friday Cyber Monday. 

The mobile platform is where the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales seem to work out these days, so ensure at all costs that your store is mobile friendly and looks refreshing with a clear cut view of all banners, CTA, all pages and product categories.

Also ensure a smooth check out process for the users in the mobile version as filling out way too many boxes typically results in bounce off compared to the desktop version.


So optimizing the page and products up front is all done and your site is good to go down the roads of owning the biggest sales week of the year. But how brawny is your marketing strategy

Quoting a popular saying’ The Man who stops advertising to save money is the man who stops the clock to save the time. Never refrain from investing money, time and energy in drafting a marketing plan that works best for your business. 

November is the festive time to go all guns blazing for marketing. Be ready with your email marketing list and contents well in advance and start writing your content copies that carry the overall holiday spirit along with the Black Friday sales campaign.

3 phases in marketing stage

3.1 Pre/before Black Friday

This starts a week or two earlier to the mega day. Start your campaign by a teaser or a sneak peak of what your brand has to offer to them through email, facebook, Instagram and other types of social media marketing. The theme here is to create an element of surprise, exhilaration and a strong sense of feeling that you have something big coming out your store.

Before starting the campaign, you should know the average conversion rate for previous sale campaigns:


Email conversion rate is always high. May not be a good idea to promote a campaign directly to get higher return/sales. So collect email leads before the sale. You can use simple landing page like below one:

Once you collect emails, Start engaging with them to make sure you stay in their choices. So provide some engagable content via email & Facebook retargeting ads. here is an email example:

Allocate your budget accordingly, remember you also got two more stages left in the marketing funnel. 

3.2 During Black Friday

Email template

Perhaps the important stage of the funnel to scoop out all the audience in your list. This is the whim moment where purchases happen in hundreds so make sure you have specific personalized ad copies and creative banners up ready to deploy them.

You will not be able to make more sales until communicating about the sale to people who engage with  websites,  social media & mail.

Make sure that the communication goes live on following platform:

  1. Website banner or popup
  2. Run timer on Top Notification bar & product page
  3. Send mail at least 2 times a day during peak days of the sale
  4. Send mail before ending the sale. The communication must be the last chance or offer ends today.
  5. Run ads to notify all the people. you can use just reach or video views objectives.
  6. Publish more posts on social media daily

A marketing strategy that acts as a reminder of what they are getting.

3.3 After Black Friday Sale

After sale ends, your promotion should not end. You just need to send a separate mail for only people who have not purchased during the sale & communicate special extended only for you.

Also, provide another appreciation offer for people who made 1st purchase. This will helps you to retain the customers.

Make sure you constantly send them out mails, gift cards, product launch mails etc so the engagement stays alive till the next campaign as report states that around 37% of people prefer new brands for their Black Friday sales.

If you are looking to get your personalized business plan for this Black Friday, book a free call now and get a free completely personalized strategic plan for your business. We are digital marketing agency expertise in helping eCommerce clients get more customers and are more goal focussed on Black Friday Campaigns.

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