The Basics of Business Branding

A good product or service does not find the customers on its own. No matter how efficiently good they are, it always comes down to how the company is perceived by the people. This is where branding comes into play where it can be simply termed as the impression that people have of your company which in turns acts out to be a powerful Digital marketing strategy. It’s about the unspoken feelings your company name evokes that matters than the actual product itself. Right from the way you design your product to the way it’s been packed and delivered to your customer, branding becomes a part of your business. Beautiful packing might come off as a sophisticated brand among the posh people while untidy works might pass off as a cheap and unworthy company. 

It’s always the first impression you give out about your business to your audience that sets the parameter of how good you projected yourself as a reliable brand in the market. And it’s also responsible for a good worth of mouth that plays itself as a promotional part for your company, getting the job of marketing your product half-done already. The tag line is often the message you wish to convey to people which later holds a special impression of your brand in them. The commercial value driven by this is insane given the impact it leaves on the audience forever. In Fact it is the initial impact of larger brands set on their early days that make them the most profitable business outings even till now.

Importance of Branding

Take any big shots in the game; it’s all about how we personally connect to them on hearing their names. Be it the KFC, Wal-Mart, Marvel, it all boils down to how it feels to everyone individually. This is what drives the people into choosing them. This is their strategy to sell their products even when people don’t necessarily need them in the first place. Imagine if you have created a tantalizing brand value among the people, the sales figures will be ringing high and will propel ahead into the top league already in short time. 

Take any top brands, you always go with your favourite of the lot simply because of the way you perceived it in the first place along with a good worth of mouth, making it a piece of cake to be in your wish list in a snap. And this wish list is less likely to get changed over time. Did you see what the branding has done to your mind and decisions that follow? This is why we stress the business clients to first connect with their audience by creating a brand value that’s irresistible and to the point, making it sound more sophisticated thus making owning one look really posh.

How to build successful branding

You can’t just throw in larger than life emotions into writing a tagline that doesn’t make any sense with what you are selling. There’s a protocol or base on how to technically set up your branding and image over which you are allowed to take it to the audience. 

These are the basic structures of a good branding prototype. Missing out on these pillars would cost a flaw in the overall image of the business.

First let everyone know about your vision and story that you have put into while creating your business. It is often the paths you are headed and efforts that sets the first step in creating a branding. This is called the compass.

Brand Architecture

The outlook of your brand name will make a lasting impression on those who see it. The colour, logo, font and the total set up accounts to the overall visual appeal. Put efforts and patience into making the architecture that should endorse what the customers are going to get at the end of the day.

Name and Tagline

These are the first point of contact between your brand and the audience. So should you give out a tagline, make sure it matches the purpose and gets a nice sound to it. A lot goes into making the brand name considering credibility, brainstorming and not to forget that the name should not collide with your competitors making it stand out from the crowd.

Brand voice

The finger licking good has been in the controversy lately. But it has long been a household voice in people that craves crispy fried chicken at midnight. When you chose a voice to say out the name and tagline, go for one that strikes a chord with the people rather than an alien one that might pass off as a stranger.

Brand website

Your website is what gives the soul to otherwise an empty body. Make sure the branding flows throughout the website, hinting people for what they are actually looking at. Make it vibrant and interactive as possible that leaves a forever glow of your brand to the users.

Bigger firms spend huge bucks on branding every year to carve a niche for them in the cut throat market. Players like Wal-Mart, Apple are what they are today because of what they did with branding. Even Amazon assures people that they can get anything from A to Z at their store that proves why it has been a go-to destination for online shoppers over years.

Examples of Branding

Name any top firms, there’s an evitable branding gone into making the company what it is. For example, let’s talk about The Mindfulness meditation Journal by Dr.Katie. A lot has gone into making this service reach out to people. You can’t sell anything to people who have got no emotional attachment or sentiment values to the product or the company itself.

Here the mindfulness meditation Journal forms as a bridge of hope between people and meditation. Right from the name to the tagline, the message is clear and subtle yet it doesn’t go unrecognized since even the website is a representation of the whole brand and how people are going to be benefited from it. This is what I call a perfect state of branding for starters since it has got all the boxes checked of becoming a successful product or service to the audience.

So before you set out on making any blunt decision on branding, it is advisable to start from the basics just to make sure you get everything right going your way.

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