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Best Black Friday Sale Ad Examples For 2020

Well despite 2020 being really going haywire, the year seems to be ending on a higher note for shoppers. Why? Black Friday Sales is around the corner and more online retailers have joined this time to make this festive season the best day for trading this year. 

Despite all the attention revolving around the brands, it’s all about the deals and ads. There are flyers everywhere on the internet and we have gathered the Best Black Friday Sale Ad Example for 2020.

As a report stated by Biteable, US customers alone spent an average of $502 in 2019, much higher than the $472 in 2018. So 2020 is going to record even higher numbers as the e-commerce giants have geared up for the mega day.

Black Friday Sale Ideas

As a small business owner, their thoughts are clouded with thoughts and confusion surrounding the possibilities of making it big in a scene where almost all the online giants will be scooping away the money. The short answer is YES.

A recent study has shown that around 37% of people prefer new brands over the other ones on Black Friday Sales. The best way to cash in on this opportunity is to create ad copies they can’t resist. Perhaps Cyber Monday is all about online shoppers, you can use this theme to communicate with your prospects about the best deals.

Another interesting fact about Black Friday Sale is that people start researching about the products they want to buy weeks before and also most of the people scout the online sites 2 days even after the Black Friday ends to get the last minute deals and offers,

That’s why you got 3 phases in your marketing strategy. And you are supposed to place your ad copies accordingly.

pre/before sale day

Pre black friday sale template

Since most people start looking up about the products they added to their wishlist, write your marketing ideas and ad copies that centers around building the suspense element of the sales campaign.

Brands like best buy, target start planning the marketing strategy out and they cater to early shoppers and give out early access to people to grab the products before they run out of stock.

The main theme is the holiday spirit, so your ad copy creatives can be vivid and have a strong essence of holiday vibe all over it. Make sneak peek banners about the products and offers you have planned to list out. The objective is to get the complete attention of your audience through the ad copy and write it as content that stands out as a reminder of what’s in store for them.

During Sale Day

During sale day template

These ad copies and banners are run specifically a day before and during Black Friday Sale day. Write ad copies based on creating urgency, scarcity, deal of the hours etc. Using a personalized tone can be helpful and words like ‘ last hour of the deal’ ‘the deal ends today’ ‘last few stocks left’ have proven to work better with the customers.

After Black Friday Sale

After sale day template

More prominently known as Cyber Monday, as the name suggests it’s all about the online sale and offers. As people run from pillars to posts searching for a good deal, allure with irresistible ad copies that focuses only on the urgency and offers.

It doesn’t necessarily need to have ‘Black Friday’ name on it but it shouldn’t miss out on a few words like ‘ last chance to get the offer’ ‘your last chance to avail the discount’ ‘ the offer ends today’ etc.

Take a look at the popular ad copies of 2020 from brands for the Black Friday sale offer.

Black friday ad template
Black friday ad template
Black friday ad template
Black friday ad template
Black friday ad template
Black friday ad template
Black friday ad template

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