5 Common E-commerce Business Mistakes

 eBook to learn Ecommerce mistakes & avoid them in your store

What’s inside my eBook

  • Introduction
  • Proper design layout
  • Product page optimization
  • Social proof
  • Brand proposition
  • Lifetime value calculation
  • Email automation
  • Conclusion

Why do you need to download my eBook?

There are roughly around 15 to 24 million ecommerce businesses up and running in this world. In the cutthroat ecommerce market, only the fittest would survive. I can’t help but notice many ecommerce sites making mistakes as little as one could be that would eventually cost a big hole in the result.

Hence I have curated my eBook in a simple style for a better understanding on the 5 common mistakes ecommerce sites make that you can work on next time when you are making your ecommerce site go live.